Brady and Grace’s Wedding

Brady and Grace’s wedding was held at Stone Valley Estates in Huntingdon, PA on Saturday June 15, 2024 surrounded by each of their closest friends and family.

Family and friends traveled in from Kansas and other parts of the country just to be there to witness the union of this special couple, and it was our honor to play a small part in their beautiful day!

Grace, full of giggles and smiles, was so excited and a wee bit nervous to see Brady. Brady, calm, cool, and collected, was very careful to be perfectly put together and waiting near the tree line for his bride to come see him.

Grace and Brady’s private first look took the pressure off the rest of the day, and allowed them both to enjoy all of the special moments to follow.

One of the sweetest moments of their wedding day was when they made a promise to each other during their ceremony, and “pinkie promised with a kiss” on it. It’s those extra special moments that always make me smile during a wedding day.

Brady and Grace’s wedding was such a demonstration of their selflessness. There were numerous times throughout the day that Brady and Grace were asking US if they could get us anything. They delayed the start of their wedding because of a car accident nearby in hopes that a very special aunt and uncle could make it. The two newly weds also took time out of their evening to publicly thank their guests for coming and for everyone who had helped to make their day as beautiful as it was.

These two are so selfless at such a young age, and I’m confident that because they are both already like this, they will bring that selflessness into their marriage and serve each other well throughout the years.

Grace and Brady, thank you for the honor of being a part of this wonderful wedding day! It was such an honor and privilege to be surrounded by your friends and family who were so loving and kind, all throughout your day! Cheers to many years of a healthy and happy marriage!

The Creative Team // Photographer: Kristen.Lea Photography // 2nd Photographer: Just Peachey Photography // Venue: Stone Valley Estates // DJ: Full House Productions // Caterer: Big D’s Catering Bartender and Linens: Premier Bartending and Linens

June 17, 2024

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