Craig and Erin’s Gettysburg Wedding

On Sunday June 2, 2024 Craig and Erin’s Gettysburg wedding was held at The Battlefield Bed and Breakfast with Erin’s parents, Harry and Robin.

There are a few words that come to mind when I describe their day. Meaningful, because both Craig and Erin LOVE Gettysburg and the quietness of it. They have both traveled here, A LOT! Intimate, because their wedding was so small and special, with just her parents. Beautiful, because she was a beautiful bride surrounded by a beautiful location. Peaceful, because Erin wasn’t worried about all of the little details, and was just focused on enjoying her moment and time with her new husband and parents. Im sure there are plenty of other words I could just to describe this sweet couples wedding, but those are a few that came to mind.

I loved Craig and Erin’s Gettysburg wedding and their special day because they truly kept the focus on each other, and on the most important thing, their marriage and their future together.

Erin was such a calm bride who just adored her future husband. And Craig was so chill when I saw him. When I asked how the morning had went, he said “it’s just been so relaxing!” PHEW! Those are NOT typical words out of a bride and grooms mouths on a wedding day!

With the help of the venue’s wedding coordinator, Erin and Craig were truly able to enjoy their special moments and just soak in their perfect day.

Craig and Erin, thank you for the honor of being a part of your sweet, and intimate wedding day! I wish you both many years of love, happiness, and health in your marriage! Cheers to your forever!

The Creative Team // Photographer: Kristen.Lea Photography // Venue: The Battlefield Bed and Breakfast // Hair and Makeup: Gettysburg Day Spa

June 4, 2024

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