John & Keri’s Engagement

John and Keri’s engagement session holds a special place in my heart. Because not only was it the farm that Keri’s family owns and grew up on, it’s also the place that I had the honor of capturing another sweet wedding this past summer. Keri’s brother Sam married his love Erica, back in June.

It was easy to fall in love with this family. Kind, generous, and fun. (Really looking forward to uncle’s famous, exhausting, wedding dance again in 2024.)

We met John and Keri at Sam and Erica’s wedding. We actually ate dinner together and as my sister and I left that evening we both said, “it would be so fun to capture John and Keri’s special day— maybe we will hear from them!” And I’m sooo thankful we did! When I saw Keri’s email come through, my heart skipped a beat with excitement to spend another day with them!

Genuine smiles.

Both Keri and John don’t have to work for their smiles. It just comes naturally. A joy that each of them have, and a love that will soon bind them together in marriage.

Keri, who has her “save the dates” picked out, and over 400 (please take a moment to allow that number to sink in. Really sink in! GOODNESS it’s gonna be a party!) people attending the wedding, is on TOP of her wedding planning. She is detail oriented and wildly excited for she and John’s special day in the summer of 2024! I guess when you have over 400 guests who are going to be attending, you have to be on top of it!

John and Keri, I’m sure of this. I’m sure your wedding day is going to be special. So special because two very special people are getting married. I can’t wait for your HUGE wedding next summer and to celebrate each of you!

November 1, 2023

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