Mike & Staci’s Fall Wedding

Mike and Staci’s fall wedding was planned at peak week in Central PA, on Saturday October 21, 2023. Staci was such an intentional bride. From the research far in advance about which week they wanted to get married for the perfect fall colors, to the time and money spent on ensuring all of her details flowed beautifully and perfectly, Staci planned it all. I love when brides put so much time and energy into creating their perfect days. The details do NOT go unnoticed!

When Staci arrived at her venue, she was all smiles and so super calm. When things during a wedding day can go awry, it’s easy to get distracted and hung up on the minor details. Staci and Mike were so focused on the bigger picture. Becoming a family. And what a special family they are.

In general, I typically shed a tear or two during a wedding day. BUT I don’t usually sob. However, this wedding, I did. (Like needed to clean the mascara off under the eyes!)

Staci and Mike invited Isabella to join them in family vows during their ceremony *cue the tears.* Then Isabella shared from her heart during the toasts *again, cue the tears. * AND THEN danced with her (now) dad. *Blubbering mess. Sobbed. Crocodile tears* Mike has been Isabella’s dad for years, and now that Mike married Staci, it somehow feels all that more “official.” Mike– take care of those special girls.

It was evident that Mike loves Staci and Isabella immensely. Not just with the “feeling” of love, but with his actions too. He proves it.

Mike and Staci’s bridal party was a blast to be with. Right from the beginning, each one of them was extremely kind, friendly, and lighthearted. We had such a blast spending time with them and family on both Mike and Staci’s sides. Their family made us feel like part of their family the whole day!

Staci and Mike thank you for allowing us to capture your special day! It was such an honor to be a part of the start of your new lives together.

May you always keep Christ the center of your family. And have many years of a healthy and wonderful marriage.

Creative Team: Photographer: Kristen.Lea Photography // 2nd Photographer: Katie Peachey // Venue: Dave Hicks (PF) // DJ: Earl Musser (PF) // Hair & Makeup: Terra’s Untangled Beauty // Desserts: Terra Kenawell // Dress: David’s Bridal // Caterer: Smokehouse Griddle // Cake: Baked from the heart

October 22, 2023

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