Ryan and Izabel’s Wedding

On Saturday October 14, 2023, Ryan and Izabel’s wedding was held at J&P Farms in Mt. Pleasants Mills, PA.

We all stalked the weather all week long. Refusing to believe it was going to rain, we all held on to the possibility that the weather would completely shift and the rain would move past central PA.

But no such luck. Or was there?

Because as the saying goes, “rain on your wedding day is good luck!”

Or God’s blessing on your lives.

So, we choose to believe that the rain was a good thing and kicked off an incredible start to Izabel and Ryan’s marriage.

After lots of hard work by friends and family to prepare for Ryan and Izabel’s wedding, it came together perfectly.

Early morning preparations’ with Izabel’s family and friends led us to the arrival of their venue where the rest of their day would take place.

Izabel braced herself for the first look with her father, and then also with her soon-to-be husband, Ryan.

Both first looks had each of the special men in her life smiling as they waited to see Izabel in her stunning wedding dress. (If I could pick a new dress— Izabel’s MAYBE would have been it!) Shout out to Bridal’s By J for that amazing dress!

And then there was the father-daughter dance.

I’m always a bit of a sap during that dance. Always, always.

But this one, the one where Isaac brought out Izabel’s softball glove and threw the softball with her just as they always had since she was a young girl, made me stop to wipe my eyes. It wasn’t just a *sniffle* *Sniffle* moment. Nope, this was a full on, *SOBBING MY EYES OUT: I NEEDED TO WIPE MY EYES TO SEE THE CAMERA* moment. I just couldn’t hold it together!

And after a yummy BBQ meal prepared by her family, hilarious speeches by the maid of honor and best man, Ryan and Izabel danced their night away with their loved ones!

It was a beautiful, cool, rainy, October day. With a break in the rain for all of five minutes; I would call this the perfect day for a special couple.

Best wishes and many prayers to you, Ryan and Izabel. May Christ always be the center of your marriage, and may the memories be as sweet as you both.

The Creative Team: Photographer: Kristen.Lea Photography // 2nd Photographer: Mary Jo Barner // Venue: J&P Farms and Weddings // DJ: Shockwave Sound // Dress: Bridals by J

October 15, 2023

  1. Isaac Ramer says:

    You did an amazing job through the whole endeavor. Thank you for all the great pictures, we can’t wait to see them all.

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