Devin and Katie’s Wedding

Devin and Katie’s beautiful wedding day; stunning.

“Okay guys, go ahead lean in for a giggle….”

Devin & Katie. A photographers dream. THEE easiest couple, HANDS DOWN, to giggle on command!

But that’s them. Full of laughter. Full of joy. Full of giggles.

Even when things didn’t go perfectly as planned on their wedding day, they were both so joyful and constantly smiling!

It was a perfect June day with just the right amount of sun, clouds, and breeze for Katie and Devin to celebrate their special day.

When I asked Devin how he was feeling, he held out his hand and didn’t have to speak a word. His hand was shaking as the nerves began to set it. He just couldn’t wait to see Katie and marry his best friend.

While he anxiously awaited for three o’clock to arrive, he and his buddies could be found jumping into each other’s arms, or juggling a soccer ball.

Katie, worship leader and teacher, remained calm through it all, and was also ecstatic to marry her love. Her light-heartedness kept the smiles on everyone’s faces even in the emotional moments throughout the morning.

I had the honor to spend some time with her friends and family throughout the day. One of the themes that echoed through the evening was Devin and Katie’s kindness.

The soft way they looked at each other, the sweet words they spoke about everyone who was there, and the tender voices who giggled in between sentences, Katie and Devin displayed kindness throughout every minute of their day.

“WE’RE MARRIED!!!” *insert giggle here* If you heard those words through the trees, you knew where to find the new happy couple!

From the moment I arrived and received your big hug, to screaming Taylor Swifts Love Story with your guests, to your bubble send off, every moment was the so fun and so sweet.

Kate and Devin, may your years be many and your giggles and smiles remain forever and ever!

What an honor to spend the day with you and your loved ones.

Mother and daughter
Bride and bridesmaids dresses
Father daughter first look
Groom and mom
First kiss
Bubble send off

The Creative Team: Angie Springfield Estes Florist: Bride (Katie!) Caterer: Fredericks Meat Market DJ: Electrified Sound Videographer: Ethan Barnes Asperitas Films

Husband and wife rings

June 12, 2023

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