Josh and Ashia’s Engagement

After begging him to jump in with her, she finally decided she would just swim alone since her boyfriend was adamant he was NOT getting in the water with her.

She didn’t know he was refusing because he had some precious jewelry in his pocket!

It wasn’t until they were about to leave Ohiopyle that Josh FINALLY asked if Ashia would marry him!

soon to be spouses

Ashia said she wasn’t sure if Josh was serious or not!

Josh said, he was serious!

So serious that the two of them continue to work together every day at Costco. Six years later and they have been working the same shift and spending all day, every day with each other. I do think that means these two truly DO love each other!

Leading her up the steps at the mansion

Ashia and Josh brought a fun spin to their engagement session. They really wanted to utilize a mansion in Pittsburgh, but with the right sort of “feel” to it. The Mansion on Fifth was the perfect place!

leaning against the banister

From the moment I met Ashia and Josh, I knew this couple would be light and fun. Their engagement shoot did NOT disappoint.

As August quickly approaches, I look forward to capturing all of your special moments in Oakdale, so soon!

The mansions on Fifth

June 6, 2023

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