Joe & Leah’s Wedding 6.3.23

He was guided into the room walking backwards.

After her momma had gotten to see her beautiful daughter, Leah’s father slowly backed his way into the room; as to not see his daughter.

And as we placed him standing in front of her, but not facing her, we all held our breath and braced ourselves for the tears.

Rick slowly turned to his left, 90 degrees, so that he could see his baby girl.

“Oh Leah! Oh Leah! Oh Leah!” It was all he could say when he saw his stunning daughter prepared to marry the love of her life! *cue tears*

The smile on his face could not be removed, and the tears from everyone else in the room could not be stopped.

Leah was now ready for her daddy to give her away.

Rick didn’t bring his shot gun shells, this time. This time he was ready.

Everyone (including her dad) knew that Leah was soon entering the loving arms of Joe, and she would be cared for and supported for the rest of her life. After all, this was true love.

The kind of love that everyone watches play out in a movie and then cries over.

That kind of love. Except it’s real. Genuine. True, true love. The movies, but better.

Genuine. Selfless. Kind. Gentle. Compassionate.

When I think of Joe and Leah, those are the words that come to mind. Those aren’t just words that people told me. Those are words that can be used to describe them because of their actions.

Leah; She cares for everyone else, first. Every detail that Leah planned at her wedding was to benefit someone else. The details down to the hotel bags created special for her guests. Leah was the bride whos actions showed she cared deeply for those she loves. There was a moment that Leah was just standing by herself, looking out over her wedding guests. When I asked her how she was feeling, she said she was so grateful for all of the love and support from her family and friends. She was just soaking in the moments in deep appreciation for everyone who was there on her special day. She was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Joe; gentle and kind. Joe was so kind with is words, and gentle with his new bride. He was ready to do anything on his wedding day to make the love of his life happy. His love and adoration for Leah could be noticed by anyone nearby!

It was evident how incredibly loved Leah and Joe were. Everyone wants to be near them. Not just on their wedding day; but anytime of any day. They are the kind of people that just naturally make you smile.

Joe and Leah’s family and friends were absolutely some of the sweetest people in Pennsylvania. Actually, probably in America. THE WORLD.

It’s true! The entire time, it was like I was part of their family. Or like we had been best friends for decades.

But Leah and Joe ACTUALLY have friends like that. The inseparable kind. The kind that met at RMU and stayed best friends, and will; forever and ever. Rare, but amazing.

Leah’s girls were the BEST hype girls you could ask for. And Joe’s guys; they love Joe so much that they tried to carry him out of that wedding and keep him for their own! THOSE are the kind of friends that everyone should have!

From the moments of Leah and Joe getting ready in the morning, to the Catholic Mass, to the incredible, unforgettable entrances, to the first dance, to the first piece of cake shared between the two, to the sparkler send off, your day was made of unforgettable moments!

Joe and Leah; may this day FOREVER be your favorite day, and may you share a lifetime of happiness in marriage! Thank you for the honor to capture this breathtaking day!

Husband and wife rings on a wedding day
Purple Bridal party bouquet flowers
Bride dancing in dress
Wedding dress with bridesmaids dresses
Joe before the wedding
First husband and wife photos
Details on wedding day. Hairclip, hairpins, wedding veil
Husband and wife photos
Bride with her girls in their jammies
Last name made out of the hanger
Cheers to the bride
Groomsmen hyping up the groom
Details of the bride. Husband and wife rings. Bridal shoes. Brides perfume
Veil Kiss
Bride with her girls in lavender dresses
Groom with his guys in suits and sunglasses
Wedding cake
Bridal party enterance
Sugar cookies with grooms truck
Hey dude His and Her shoes
Husband and Wife enterance
Husband and wife first dance
Details of the wedding day
Husband and wife kissing with bridal party
Father and daughter first dance
Bride and her hype girls
Groomsmen taking away the groom
Groom and mom first dance
Bride and groom photos at sunset
Garter removal of husband and wife
Husband and wife photos at sunset
Sparkler sendoff
Husband and wife sparkler send off

The Creative Team: Venue: Southpointe Golf Club Day of wedding coordinator: Lauren Mitchell (southpointe wedding coordinator) Florist: Malones Flowers Cake: Signature Desserts: Photobooth: Ham & Cheese photos Videographer: Sami Saunders DJ: Steven Vance Entertainment (Joey Molinaro)

June 5, 2023

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