Mike and Alexa’s Engagement

Mike and Alexa’s Engagement session was held at The Penn State Arboretum on Saturday evening, May 25, 2024.

Before meeting Mike and Alexa, I knew this to be true; these two were super duper kind, and their upcoming 2024 wedding would meaningful and sweet. I could tell by our video call, and the details that were going into their special day.

Alexa was a guest at one of our sweet bride and groom’s wedding in 2023. She and Mike, her finance, met our previous bride and groom, Katie and Devin, at Slippery Rock during their college years. (Maybe the 4 sweetest humans everrrrrr!)

A friendship and a bond in Christ would pull these two couples together at Slippery Rock and carry on a friendship, post college years.

As soon as I met Alexa and Mike, it was evident that these two loved each other a LOT, they were full of smiles and giggles, and this was going to be a sweet engagement session.

While there were no less than 50 perfect spots to stop and take pictures at, we chose a few locations that seemed perfect. In between locations around the arboretum we watched the sky slowly start to turn more gray by the minute. At exactly one hour from our start time, the rain began, and we wrapped up our session. PERFECT timing. I’m so thankful we bumped up our session and were able to beat the rain on Saturday

Sometimes as a photographer, I have to work for the smiles, and the giggles. But, not with Mike and Alexa; it just came naturally!

These two crushed their engagement session, and I have NO doubt that they will enjoy a beautiful wedding day.

Praying for you both as you prepare for August 18, 2024! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!!

May 27, 2024

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