Dillon and Ali’s Engagement

Dillon and Ali’s Engagement session was held at Longwood Gardens on a perfectly hot, July Friday.

Quite possibly my favorite comment of the night was, “yeah. Ya know, no one has complimented my jacket yet, just her.”

*Insert dramatic eyeroll here*

But let’s be honest, they both arrived looking ridiculously good!

Ali’s white dress with her classy heels were a perfect fit for this session. Dillon’s sunglasses *errrrr* I mean, jacket with dark jeans complimented her beautifully.

When Ali and Dillon came to the entrance of Longwood Gardens, I knew immediately that they were going to be an incredibly fun couple to work with! And they didn’t let me down.

The laughter between the two of them told me that this future marriage was going to be filled with much joy and many fun moments.

When Ali talks about Dillon, her entire face lights up. I think Ali’s mom was on to something when she suggested a rekindling of the relationship. Mom’s. Always making the greatest suggestions.

And it’s incredibly evident the way Dillon looks at his bride-to-be that he loves and adores her.

Dillon and Ali; as you prepare for this next season of life, may you enjoy these last weeks leading up to your beautiful, amazing, day, and the start of a life together as husband and wife!

July 29, 2023

  1. Gerry Deacetis says:

    Beautiful photos. Your grandmother Rosalie and grandfather Lou. Would have been so proud ! πŸ’“

  2. Janet Roja says:

    Totally stunning pictures! Ali is going to be one beautiful bride and Dillion a very handsome groom.

  3. Melanie Danna says:

    I can’t wait for the big day πŸ’œ
    -Aunt Mel

  4. Brianna Donnelly says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Perfect couple. Love the outfit choices! So excited for the wedding day!

  5. Donna v Krawchuk says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! πŸ’ž

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