Nick & Jen

When I asked them to lay down in the grass, the first words out of Nicks mouth were, “I’m allergic.”

It was at THAT moment I knew that this future bride and groom were going to be a LOT of fun!


On a day with complete and total cloudiness, just before their engagement session began, the bright warm sun popped out from behind those clouds and gave us the PERFECT evening together.

From the wild requests of giggles, to spinning four times in a row (without getting dizzy,) to taking a nap in the grass, Nick and Jen were up for all of the crazy suggestions that I threw at them.


Having grown up spending a lot of time with my grandparents cows, being near farm animals that make interesting noises during an engagement session seemed perfectly normal to myself, and them!

Except for maybe the Donkey. That was a bit surprising and made us laugh a bit– HA! *insert donkey noises when Nick and Jen are trying to share a quiet moment together*

From dairy princess when she was younger, to momma of two sweet girls, Jen has done it all and adapts to many scenes and situations. (Happy mothers day, Jen!)

Adoring his future bride
Featured ring picture

Nick, and his kind heart, who asked Jen’s two girls before he proposed to their mom, was willing to do anything to make his future bride happy. From removing the baseball hat, which is a staple piece for Nick, to “whatever you want me to wear,” he was willing to do whatever Jen asked. What. A. Guy! I do think he’s ready for marriage!

Your wedding next year at Sweet Water Springs Farm will be so incredibly special and amazing, because both of you can also be described with those words.

I can’t wait to watch you two marry each other and start forever, together!

Engagement ring

May 16, 2023

  1. Kathy Dock says:

    Nice to see you so happy. Good job Nick. Congratulations and enjoy all life has to offer.

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