Stomach twisted.

Mascara running.

Unable to catch my breath.

Tear stained cheeks.

Golden hour photos in Central PA

The laughter when spending the evening with them, was almost unbearable!!

Lifting photo of husband and wife

Separated by counties growing up, Ryan and Amber’s story started back in 2016 and has only grown in deep love through the years. When this couple is together, you can be certain there will be much laughter. Trust me, I have first hand knowledge!!

Friends and family of Ryan would say he’s a sold out gospel music lover, and the king of sarcasm. Open the dictionary to find the word sarcasm; and his name and picture are beside it!

Rumor has it, when Amber was younger, she thought sleep was overrated and kept the party going into all hours of the night. Friends of hers are still trying to catch up on sleep, 15 years later! Apparently, she is too.

Couple on the bridge

To both of you who love Christ, Coffee, and Cats; you are one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest couples, that I have ever met, and I LOVED spending time with you both!

Sunset photos