Twenty Years.

To some that seems like forever; and to others it seems like twenty days.

For us youngin’s who haven’t been married even ten years, it’s the couples who have been married for as long as they have, that we look up to.

We admire them.

We aspire to get there.

We look to them to give us advice.

To cheer us on.

To encourage us.

To tell us it’s worth it.

Kyle and Amanda would tell you, the fight is worth it.

Kyle, a marine, knows a thing or two about fighting. About what it means to press on. Through the really hard moments. He’s done it. He’s seen it all. And he’s fought hard. For our country; for his marriage. For the sake of his family.

And Amanda. Well, she knows what it means too. To push through. When there’s an itty-bitty baby at home, and her husband was deployed; she pressed on. Faithful and waiting for her husband’s return home, she fought for her marriage.

That’s what it takes. Two people who are committed to fight for each other all of the way through. Till death do us part. Forever. And ever.

And twenty years, and 5 earthly babies later, they both would tell you, to press on. To fight on. Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s surely worth it!

Amanda and Kyle; thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country. Thank you for the example of what it means to choose to love your spouse in the really difficult times. Thank you for the honor to hear your story, and to capture these precious moments.