May 30, 2023

Joe & Jess Engagement

“Trust me, I’m a teacher, and yes…You can mess some things up!” —Joe. 5/29/23

Spoken after I said, “Trust me, you’re going to be great…. you can’t mess this up!”

I would like to announce; Joe did NOT mess this thing up!

Dipping his bride to be

In fact, dare I say, he CRUSHED his engagement session with his future bride, Jess.

The thoughtful, crafty, tender hearted man, was willing to do just about anything he was asked to do, even if it meant feeling REALLY strange.

Joe’s love and admiration for his future wife, Jess is easy to spot even for strangers who may have been passing by them back in November of 22′ when he got down on one knee at Rider Park, to ask Jess to marry him. Woodworking teacher by day, Joe is anxiously awaiting these next four months before he marries his best friend.

Forever rose with engagement ring
Sunset western engagement photos

Jess, whos smile naturally makes YOU smile, loves and adores her future husband.

An extraordinary woman of many traits and a proud doggy mom of 3 sweet pups, Jess is detail oriented and puts careful thought into everything she does.

Though soft spoken, one thing that’s clear is Jess’s love for Joe. There is no denying it!

weeping willow

The dedication and love for Joe was proven the evening of the surprise proposal. While recovering from being sick from ice cream, she begrudgingly hiked with Joe in November to the place they had gone one year prior to. Much to Jess’s surprise, Joe was insistent upon this hike because he wanted to make her his wife!

Stone wall

Joe and Jess, your love story is JUST beginning, and anyone who has the honor to be a part of it, is truly blessed; just as I am!